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Patient Centered Solutions In Non Clinical Transitional Care

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Healthcare costs in the US are the highest in the world. But we’re not healthier because of it.

We believe that navigating through the healthcare system should be simple, smart, and friendly. Founded in 2013, Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc., is a company created for addressing consumers’ non-clinical, transitional psychosocial (physical & social) needs once they leave the hospital and go home. That means that on the day you arrive at home, if practicable, a Navigator will contact you to see if there are any immediate needs to be addressed such as; food in your home, someone to help you in getting your medications, and/or ensuring that there is heat, electricity, or other commodities in the house, etc. The call is also to schedule a home visit within the next 24 to 48 hours to do an assessment of your psychosocial needs. Then, an individualized plan of action is done and reviewed with the patient and family.

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  • Post-Discharge Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment with patient and family to identify:
    • Risk factors of unnecessary emergency room visits and readmissions
    • Patient’s current understanding of illness, prognosis and self-management strategies
    • Patient’s degree of motivation to change behavior and to collaborate with care team and family
  • Post-Discharge Care Coordination and Individualized Real Time Support to Patients/Families/Caregivers
    • Engagement/Activation of patients; if practicable, phone call to patients on day of discharge
    • Schedule home visit within 24 to 48 hours
    • Reinforce or establish continuity of care with a primary care physician (PCP), preferably in a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) environment
    • Facilitate communication between patient and the entire care team (PCP/specialists, etc.)
    • Review patients' plan of medical benefits to ensure proper coordination of care and to facilitate navigation through all intricacies of the healthcare system
  • Educate, Empower and Engage/Activate Patients, Families and Caregivers
    • Educate patients, families, and caregivers on patient’s medical condition and discharge plan's recommendations, on the community agencies and resources  they provide. Empower patients to ask questions to their healthcare providers if they do not understand something and to ensure that there is no cultural disrespect from the providers toward them. Engage/Activate patients to take control and manage their health and health care so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding treatments and options
  • Healthcare Advocacy.
    • Advocate on patient’s behalf with the insurance company on services that the patient may need but are not covered under their plan
    • Ensure that alternative treatments are made available to the patient
    • Help patients with writing appeals
  • Translation to Ensure Patients Understand Their Conditions and Necessary Follow-Ups
    • These services are provided to ensure that the patients, families/caregivers understand the medical conditions and the necessary follow-ups. Speaking to a patient in their own language makes it easier to build a trusting relationship
  • Information & Resources Support
    • Enrich the patients’ knowledge with information regarding free or very low cost community services/resources that are available to them

We are on a mission to bring quality and value back together to all cultures within the American healthcare system. Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc., believes that addressing the non-clinical, psychosocial Transitional Care risk factors that patients face after a hospital discharge are key to achieving the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim Approach; Better Patient Experience of Care, Better Outcomes, and Lower Costs.

Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. is HIPAA compliant and ensures that all the private health information (PHI) obtained from the patients is protected.

Below are some of the services we offer: