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Patient Centered Solutions In Non Clinical Transitional Care

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Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. provides affordable services to individuals who need them such as writing affidavits, power of attorneys, notary public services, as well as several advocacy services related to healthcare, insurance, information, referrals, resources, and much more.

Below are other services we offer:

Healthcare Advocacy

  • Advocate on patients’ behalf with the insurance companies on services that the patient may need but are not covered under their plan
  • Ensure that alternative treatments are made available to the patients
  • Help patients with writing appeals


  • Translation of legal medical documents into English

Information and Resources Support

  • Enrich the patients’ knowledge with information on community resources/services that are free or very low cost and available to them

Medical Bill Saver Program

  • This program is designed for patients who are left with large medical/hospital bills for services that they received of which they either had no control over or did not understand they would have large out-of-pocket moneys due, and as a result are being harassed by collection agencies. Right 2 Health Navigators Inc., will fight for the patients to ensure that the providers’ balances are either absorbed by the providers by accepting as payment in full the amount the insurance company reimbursed them or by negotiating an affordable amount that the patient can pay back in reduced monthly payments.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Health Expenditures projections 2011-2021, indicate that the total healthcare spending in the United States is expected to reach $4.8 Trillion in 2021, up from $2.6 Trillion in 2010. This means that healthcare spending will account for almost 20 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or one fifth of the US economy, by 2021.

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