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Simplifies Difficulties…

Customers trust us to simplify their non-clinical transitional care difficulties after discharge from the hospital. We provide simple and intuitive solutions to address the psychosocial (social and physical) needs, and to help navigate through the intricacies of the healthcare and insurance world.

Guides You…

Our strategy is simple, patient-centered, and to the point, navigating customers through the entire transitional care experience and ensuring that communication between the entire care team is clear and always there.​

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Is Like Your Own Personal Assistant…

Right 2 Health Navigators ensures that your non-clinical transitional care is well coordinated and integrated across all the elements of the healthcare and insurance world, and within your community.

Healthcare costs in the US are the highest in the world. But we’re not healthier because of it.

What is Non-Clinical Transitional Home Healthcare (NCTHH)

NCTHH is a model created and practiced by Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. This model is patient-centered and focuses on the non-clinical psychosocial services that patients need once they are discharged from the hospital and go home. 

Customers trust us to:

  • Help them make better choices by simplifying complex healthcare issues, and providing them with the tools and resources for attaining good non-clinical transitional home healthcare.
  • Educate and engage them in their own health issues so that they can make informed decisions that will achieve best short and long term outcomes, a better patient experience, and lower costs.
  • Provide guidance in lowering out-of-pocket costs for clinical and non-clinical related services.

These services are often overlooked by the healthcare teams and not included in the discharge plan. As a result, patients end up in the emergency room and readmitted a short time after discharge.  Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. understands each patients’ unique psychosocial risk factors that quite often cause an unnecessary emergency room visit, and readmission. The model emphasizes; education, empowerment, engagement and activation of the patients and families/caregivers. It also promotes the Triple Aim Approach; Better Health Experience; Better Outcomes, and Lower Costs.

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Patient Centered Solutions In Non Clinical Transitional Care