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What is Right 2 Health Navigators?

Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. is a company committed to delivering quality in individualized non-clinical transitional care services to all its customers. The goal is to help identify the psychosocial challenges that individuals; whose care can be safely and efficiently managed in their home face after hospital discharge.  This topic is often overlooked by the entire healthcare team resulting in patients having unnecessary emergency room visits and readmissions. Communication, coordination, education, empowerment, and engagement/activation of the patient/family/caregiver with the entire care team are the key elements and the essence of the company’s success. The company also promotes the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim Approach: Better Patient Experience of Care, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs.

The company hires Navigators, a Social Worker, and a Health Coach. They are professionals who are multilingual and from diverse cultures making them uniquely qualified in building quickly relationships with the patients. They are trained in their role to be caring and patient focused. Their role is to: 

  • Provide Patient-Centered care for both; the patients and their caregivers from discharge up to six weeks. The Navigators will work relentlessly to address the patients’ psychosocial needs in an effort to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and readmissions.
  • If practicable, call patients on day of discharge for introduction and to inquire if there are any immediate needs to be addressed, schedule a home visit within 24 to 48 hours to do an assessment of patients’ and family psychosocial needs, and to prepare an action plan.
  • Do anything and everything possible to ensure seamless transition to home and to support patients in successfully managing their care, ensuring that they have continued engagement/activation with their primary care physician, in coordinating their care, and empowering and educating them to reach out to all the community resources available to them.

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The company understands the unique risk factors that causes patients to make unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms and readmissions. In order to reduce the emergency room visits and the readmission numbers, we move beyond the basics and we address the following psychosocial risk factors during the patient/family assessment and include them in the action plan that is prepared for each individual customer: 

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Patient Centered Solutions In Non Clinical Transitional Care

Right 2 Health Navigators, Inc. partners with the National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC), an organization dedicated to improving patient Transitions of Care throughout the healthcare system.